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damnnn dis weekend was crazzie...


Iight...it was me, Laur, Mish, Liz, Cate n Tine...we chilled wit Goody n all dem.. I got trashed as usual n went bak to Mish's house cuz her mom was in Florida for the weekend. But then I got upset over something...i don't even remember..n I was cryin hysterically. I went up to Mish's room w/ Liz, Justin (holy fuck he was high as shit), n Bill n dey took care of me. But Mish got fuckin pissed at me for bein drunk so me n Liz walked hom n she slept over

Wow fukkin crazzie nite...we almost got caught by da cops lol n then Seth came up n lyk wanted to beat the shit outta Goody n Justin...he still does n I dun even know y lol..so then me, Goody, Sam, n Mish all went bak to her house...n fooled around. Let me just say...ALL 4 OF US ARE FUKKIN RETARDS...lmao mish...actually its jus the guys...n Goody was lyk runnin around naked haha. But sen Laur's dad got pissed b/c we were suposed to sleep over n be in by 11 so we had to go to her house...I was lyk the only sober one for once lol

Me, Mish, n Laur went to Ash's Sweet 16 party..aww it was real cute. Seth was there too n we made the party lol. I gotta chill wit him cuz I haven't in lyk sooo long...then we got home n chilled behind the bowling alley wit all dem for the rest of the night...
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