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Omg...dis weekend was crazzie...I went drinkin Thursday, Friday, Sat, n Sun...lmao. It was me, Mish, Laur, n all these kids. I got really fucked up lyk I neevr been that smashed before..especially last nite I was throwin up n passin out n shit. Haha there's so much drama...iight thur, fri, n sat I was gettin wit dis kid Bandora..then Sat n he was bein an asshole so everyone was lyk..get wit justin, bandora hates u...so i got wit him n Bandora was pissed...they were gawna fite lol...so Bandora didn't come out Sun n I got really messed up last nite so I got wit Goodie...awww I'm so happy i love him, he's so funny!! Imma get wit him from now on..screw Bandora nobody lyks him lol. Aww Mish was gettin wit dis kid all weekend, sam. She lyk hates him..but hes so hot. Ew but hes kinda mean n he's a pothead..lol. Laura was gettin wit this kid Alex..aww they're so cute together. Next weekend is gawna be awesum..my brother is buyin us a 24 pack n Mish's mom is gawna be in FL for the weekend so we're gawna party..Tine, Jackie, n Cate r commin..n I wanna see if Liz can too...im out pC


What fuzzy creature are you?

<33 CoRoNa <33
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