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aaaah I survived...i got my belly pierced!! yayayay!! I made Laur come wit me lol cuz I was scared...it wasn't that bad...lyk the needle didn't hurt goin in, but wen she pulled it out, jesus christ it hurt lyk a bitch..lol Laur was makin weird faces at me n makin me laugh n the girl lyk yelled at me to stay still. Aww Laur bought a real cute belly ring...its lyk a mini orange and yellow koosh ball. Too bad she can't put it in for lyk 2 months hah. Then today my school had a bomb threat omg it was the funniest thing...who the fuck wuld wanna blow up an all girls private academy??? We only have lyk 400 girls in the school altogether too...n people actually thought there was a bomb...ok who wuld call up n say there's a bomb if they really wanted it to blow up?? lol dumbasses. We had to wait in the cold for lyk 40 min..which was fine with me cuz i got to miss geometry heh.

What pair of panties are you?

59 DaYs TiLL SuMmA!!
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