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Yesterday was so fun...We went on our class trip to Baltimore..ughh but I had to get up at lyk 5:30 cuz the bus left at 6:30. When we got there we went to the stupid Planeterium show n then had 3 hours to walk around and do w/e we wanted. My group went to the aquarium n it was real cute...we saw the dolhin show. Aww dolphins are so cute!! Then we went paddleboating which would have been better if we didn't have to wear stupid lifevests. We also walked around the mall...which was really a huge food court. Then the whole entire class had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe...lol it was great we took over the entire restaurant. We were standin on chairs singin the YMCA haha...funnes..then last nite I went ova Laurs house cuz she was at a weddin n Mish was watchin the dogs lol...Heather Moore was there n den Goodie, Sam, Justin, Alex, Chris, n Irlick came over...I was so fuckin pissed they didnt have any beer left, so I only had weed. Me n Goodie went up in Laurs room..n were foolin around on her bed haha Im gonna make fun of her for that lol. Aww I felt so bad for Irlick...he was so smashed n was throwin up n lyk didnt know where he was...But Mish made us leave cuz she wasn't sure when Laur's parents were gawna get home..Sam was hungry n we chilled at the pizza place for awhile then Goodie walked me home...Im goin out wit them again tonite n Goodie's buyin me a 40 sooo Im happy haha peace
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