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heyy,,dis has been lyk the first time ive been home in lyk 2 days...

Liz came over n we were gawna chill wit Seth n Matt but we culdn't find them lol I think they got lost lookin for us...so we went up to Checkers to see if any kids were there n Mish, Cate, n Tine were..lol it was beat cuz all them kids already left..so we went back to Mishs and eventually me n Liz walked back home n she slept over

Liz chilled at my house before she left at lyk 3..then I took a nap n woke up at lyk 7 n walked to laurs house, then me her n Mish went to Checkers to meet up wit them kids...they had lyk all dis beer hidden at Naz hospital lmao...Laur culdnt have any cuz she had to watch her sis the next mornin..awww i felt bad..but I got a lil buzzed n Mish got so fuckin smashed...she was fallen n bein all retarted n shit..lol i wanted to slap her..omg i feel so bad...I got wit dis kid chris, n lyk Mish told me after dat Laurreally wanted to get wit him..omg im srry babe..lol she prbly hates me now..n Mish got wit dis kid sam..awww he was lyk takin care of her all night n she got wit him lyk 50 times..lol guess i aint bad luck nemore..omg one time me n him were tryint o help her walk n shes lyk..sam get wit me n she deff tried to get wit me..i dun look lyk a fuckin guy lol..omg but her mom caught us n she got so mad...she was lyk nicole..get yur mom to pick u up rite now..so i ran to Laurs house but all the lights were off..so I went bak to Mishs n she snuck me in her room n her n her mom were fitin..lol her mom was scarin me. So I slept over..n suposedly shes grounded for the rest of the week..lol but i know she'll be allowed out tonite..so at lyk 3 in the mornin she wakes me up n is lyk i cant sleep..so we ate melons n pretzels n watched mtv until lyk 5 lol..

We snuck out to Laurs n ate breakfast there b/c Mish has nasty food lol...then we chilled there for a bit..aaah those kids are gawna be there tonite..awww I want Laur to come but she hasta stay in n watch her sis...but i dunno maybe shell be allowed out..theyre bringin lyk fifty 40's..aaah im gawna get smashed!! can't wait lol

Which Piercing are you?

<33 CoRoNa
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