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I got my report card today...

Keyboarding - A
Honors English II - B...damn research papers grrr...or else I would've gotten an A
Journalism - A
Creative Writing - A
Latin II - B+
Honors Geometry - B+
Religion II - A
Honors Biology - A...holy fuck i never expected that lol
CUM GPA - 3.842

So..yeh I did better than I expected..haha I got home early b/c since I didn't go to skool yesterday my bitchy Math teacher decided to give us a test today...I went to her n was lyk I was absent n didn't know about the test..n shes lyk that's not my problem, I told you last week...umm yea she deff didn't..fuckin bitch. I knew I was gonna fail if I took it so I faked cryin n sed I felt lyk throwin up...lol so I went home 'sick'..at least dats the only hw i got tonite...leave me sum comments!!

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