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omg i hate laura...aaaah she got her bellybutton pierced today!! she made me go with her cuz shes a loser lol...her mom was goin upp to all the people in teh store n was lyk IM THE MOTHER...i was lyk wtf?? n she brought her own needles cuz she thought the other ones were used lol dumbass...wen laur was gettin it done she was laughin hysterically wen there was lyk a needle jammed in her bellybutton lol n she got a real cute thing too...its silver wit lyk a diamond in the ball part..aaah im gettin mine tom!! i can't wait haha its gawna hurt lyk a bitch but who cares its gawna be awesum n lauras gawna come wit me lol

I will be crushed by a giant duck!

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<33 CoRoNa
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