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Today i had my competition...omg I had to fuckin get up at 7...jesus christ...n it didnt veen start till lyk 12...i was sooo mad. We had registration at lyk 9 so we sat there for 3 hours doing nothing..aww but we saw JV n they were really go0d!! Aww Baz won 3rd in dance...go0o0o girls!! Then varsity's comp was lyk 5 hours long..seriously lol. We didn't get anything in all-around...which i expected cuz we suck at that lol. We got 3rd in dance...which was really go0d cuz we competed against 10 teams. We should have gotten the spirit award, but gay ass Villa did b/c they hosted the damn comp...ughhh gayness. I got home at lyk 6 then fell asleep until 11 bc Seth called me lol I was so mad...now I'm gawna be up all nite ughhh oh well lol i get to sleep in tom...yesssss

what should YOUR screen name be?

<33 CoRoNa
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