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Tonight was arite...i went to franklin mills wit Laur n Liz...we saw Head of State which was really funny..lol we wer laughin at the gayest parts too. There were these black kids tryin to hit on Laur n it was really funny...she's lyk im sick, i can't really talk, n the kid started feelin her throat lmao so she made me switch seats wit her. Then later we saw Devin wit all these kids...I jus got off the fone w/ Seth, he wouldn't let me get off...I was lyk I hafta go to bed, n he's lyk no you dont...it took me lyk 20 min to get off lol....I gotta shave my legs before I got to bed for the stupid cheer competition tom...ughhh so Im gawna do that now..mwaz

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