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<33 Nik

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[21 Aug 2003|11:02pm]
[ mood | confused ]

it was a very successful day...got high 3 times n i still got enough for another blunt....omg me n mish r such retards wen were high..we talk about the gayest shit lmao oh well its fun..were losers lol

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[05 May 2003|07:43pm]
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[04 May 2003|10:23am]
[ mood | okay ]

Damnnnn my mom deff almost caught me last nite...I came home drunk as shit n shes lyk r u ok? n was smellin my shirt n shit...I told her I felt really sick n was goin to bed...she believed me lol shes lyk o i guess u got morning sickness from yur birth control lmao...its a good thing she went to bed bc lyk 5 min later i threw up ughh but neway it was fun last nite even tho Laur n Mish weren't there...I chilled wit Goody, Sam, Alex, Justin, Chris, n all these kids ive never seen in my life...haha I was deff strippin n flashin everyone lol...I wanted to smoke but Alex n Sam smoked it before i got there..lil fuckerrs. o0o well I still had fun

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[03 May 2003|10:41am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Yesterday was so fun...We went on our class trip to Baltimore..ughh but I had to get up at lyk 5:30 cuz the bus left at 6:30. When we got there we went to the stupid Planeterium show n then had 3 hours to walk around and do w/e we wanted. My group went to the aquarium n it was real cute...we saw the dolhin show. Aww dolphins are so cute!! Then we went paddleboating which would have been better if we didn't have to wear stupid lifevests. We also walked around the mall...which was really a huge food court. Then the whole entire class had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe...lol it was great we took over the entire restaurant. We were standin on chairs singin the YMCA haha...funnes..then last nite I went ova Laurs house cuz she was at a weddin n Mish was watchin the dogs lol...Heather Moore was there n den Goodie, Sam, Justin, Alex, Chris, n Irlick came over...I was so fuckin pissed they didnt have any beer left, so I only had weed. Me n Goodie went up in Laurs room..n were foolin around on her bed haha Im gonna make fun of her for that lol. Aww I felt so bad for Irlick...he was so smashed n was throwin up n lyk didnt know where he was...But Mish made us leave cuz she wasn't sure when Laur's parents were gawna get home..Sam was hungry n we chilled at the pizza place for awhile then Goodie walked me home...Im goin out wit them again tonite n Goodie's buyin me a 40 sooo Im happy haha peace

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[29 Apr 2003|09:40pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

damnn people fukkin annoy me...lol dis is mish messin wit mah friend nicole on mah sn

CoRoNa xO 05: yoo.. um yur pretty fucked up
Singinchic383: no im not
CoRoNa xO 05: um yur not gawna be my frend cuz i drink?
CoRoNa xO 05: i think thats messed up
Singinchic383: i didnt say i wasnt going to be ur friend
CoRoNa xO 05: well yur sure fuckin actin like it
CoRoNa xO 05: n u fuckin tell me dat yur tha only wun helppin me wit my depression or sum shit n then u go n do this shit
Singinchic383: ur not listening to one word ive siad
Singinchic383: said
CoRoNa xO 05: fine.. shoot
Singinchic383: its stupid to go drinking
Singinchic383: really stupid
CoRoNa xO 05: yeh stupid 2 u.. wat if i sed uckin playin wit disneys shit is gay.. realy gay...
Singinchic383: and i dont want to fight about this every second in baltimore
Singinchic383: but im not letting this go
CoRoNa xO 05: we aint gawna fight inless u fight wit me
CoRoNa xO 05: um ok?
CoRoNa xO 05: it aint liek im makin u drink
CoRoNa xO 05: i never even asked u
Singinchic383: no but im not gonna let u hurt urself
CoRoNa xO 05: o m g
CoRoNa xO 05: it aint hurtin me
Singinchic383: yes it is!
CoRoNa xO 05: fine fine.. the can u let me figure out dat its bad on my own?
CoRoNa xO 05: like dont u think i wood learn better
Singinchic383: im just worried that ull find out too late
CoRoNa xO 05: well i aint
CoRoNa xO 05: can u just leave me da fuck alone about it
CoRoNa xO 05: pelase
CoRoNa xO 05: cuz dats pretty gayyyy
CoRoNa xO 05: if u dont like me doin it then why do u always read my journal? so u can sit there and cry about it?
CoRoNa xO 05: liek u no its probly gawna say sumpthina bout it.. n if u dont wanna no about it then u shoodnt read it
Singinchic383: b/c believe it or not i care about u

CoRoNa xO 05: um no
CoRoNa xO 05: fine ill make u a deal
Singinchic383: yes i do, whole bunches
CoRoNa xO 05: wen u break up wit steve i wont drink
CoRoNa xO 05: deal
CoRoNa xO 05: deal
CoRoNa xO 05: bcuz u dont like me dirnkin n i dont like steve
Singinchic383: what does steve have to do with anything
CoRoNa xO 05: bcuz u dont like me drinkin n i dont liek steve
CoRoNa xO 05: i just sed that
Singinchic383: but steve isnt slowly killing me
CoRoNa xO 05: im killin u ?
Singinchic383: no drinking is killing u
CoRoNa xO 05: yes i think he is slowly killin u .. but hes killinn me mroe
CoRoNa xO 05: no its just fun
Singinchic383: wtf are u talking about
Singinchic383: yes it is killing u
CoRoNa xO 05: hahaha
Singinchic383: what are u talking about?!
CoRoNa xO 05: I am talking about you.
CoRoNa xO 05: Silly goose.
Singinchic383: yes i do curse
CoRoNa xO 05: Oh dear.
CoRoNa xO 05: and guess wwat
CoRoNa xO 05: yes i do drink
Singinchic383: what
CoRoNa xO 05: so if u can curse i can drink
CoRoNa xO 05: cuz cursing kills yur relationshiip wit god
CoRoNa xO 05: it kills yur fucking soul
CoRoNa xO 05: fucker
Singinchic383: there is a huge difference
Singinchic383: i dont care if u curse or anything else u do
CoRoNa xO 05: well wat if i care that u curse
CoRoNa xO 05: bcuz its killin yur soul
Singinchic383: but im not letting u kill urself
CoRoNa xO 05: im not lettin u kill yur relationshoip wit gid
CoRoNa xO 05: god
Singinchic383: great
CoRoNa xO 05: im just not
CoRoNa xO 05: i w ill afta put a stop 2 this
CoRoNa xO 05: hafta
CoRoNa xO 05: u shood get sum help for that cursing
CoRoNa xO 05: how about u go 2 frends hospital
Singinchic383: i cant talk to u like this
CoRoNa xO 05: y
CoRoNa xO 05: i luv u
CoRoNa xO 05: and if u luv me
CoRoNa xO 05: ull let me drink
Singinchic383: no if i really love u i wont let u drink
CoRoNa xO 05: ill fuckin kill u if u tell yur parents or minr
CoRoNa xO 05: mine*
CoRoNa xO 05: nah u dont
Singinchic383: i do
Singinchic383: i care about u more than any of those friends that let u get drunk
CoRoNa xO 05: my laura and laura and laura r my best friends
CoRoNa xO 05: well maybe not laura shes a lil werid
CoRoNa xO 05: cuz she goes out wit a 7th grader
Singinchic383: which one
CoRoNa xO 05: th weeird wun
CoRoNa xO 05: the
CoRoNa xO 05: not the wuns u no
CoRoNa xO 05: or met
CoRoNa xO 05: or like
Singinchic383: they are ur best friends
CoRoNa xO 05: yupp
CoRoNa xO 05: and goodie is my bf that i had sex wit
CoRoNa xO 05: lmao
CoRoNa xO 05: jm jm
Singinchic383: is laura there?
CoRoNa xO 05: no but shes comin
CoRoNa xO 05: cuz we r goin out
CoRoNa xO 05: why im not kool enoguh 2 say that
CoRoNa xO 05: only she is
CoRoNa xO 05: bcuz shes kool
Singinchic383: no b/c ur acting different then b4
CoRoNa xO 05: o
CoRoNa xO 05: brb

seriously...jump off mah dick

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[28 Apr 2003|09:59pm]
[ mood | calm ]

damnnn dis weekend was crazzie...


Iight...it was me, Laur, Mish, Liz, Cate n Tine...we chilled wit Goody n all dem.. I got trashed as usual n went bak to Mish's house cuz her mom was in Florida for the weekend. But then I got upset over something...i don't even remember..n I was cryin hysterically. I went up to Mish's room w/ Liz, Justin (holy fuck he was high as shit), n Bill n dey took care of me. But Mish got fuckin pissed at me for bein drunk so me n Liz walked hom n she slept over

Wow fukkin crazzie nite...we almost got caught by da cops lol n then Seth came up n lyk wanted to beat the shit outta Goody n Justin...he still does n I dun even know y lol..so then me, Goody, Sam, n Mish all went bak to her house...n fooled around. Let me just say...ALL 4 OF US ARE FUKKIN RETARDS...lmao mish...actually its jus the guys...n Goody was lyk runnin around naked haha. But sen Laur's dad got pissed b/c we were suposed to sleep over n be in by 11 so we had to go to her house...I was lyk the only sober one for once lol

Me, Mish, n Laur went to Ash's Sweet 16 party..aww it was real cute. Seth was there too n we made the party lol. I gotta chill wit him cuz I haven't in lyk sooo long...then we got home n chilled behind the bowling alley wit all dem for the rest of the night...

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[24 Apr 2003|11:20am]
yeooo sup? i aint in skool rite now im in wit my mom for bring yur daughter to work day lmao...ive been chillen wit goodie, sam n all dem for lyk the whole week...aaah i cant wait till tom im gawna get smashed!! omg im soo pissed...but i cant say y bc mish will get pissed at me..lol im soo bored n i cant get aim to work..poopie...leeve me sum luve
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[21 Apr 2003|11:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Yeoo I jus got bak tonite..I promised I wouldn't drink but I had lyk half a 40 n I got a lil buzzed..lol me n Laur drank Mish's, she was pissed..dat scarey kid was there today lol he aint dat bad, he was bein kinda normal today. I was gettin wit Goodie again, I think dats who I'm gawna stay wit..he's cool as shit. Mish deff told Bill she dont lyk Sam n now he wants to get wit her..o well I'm tired I think I'm goin to bed..pC

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[21 Apr 2003|01:52pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Omg...dis weekend was crazzie...I went drinkin Thursday, Friday, Sat, n Sun...lmao. It was me, Mish, Laur, n all these kids. I got really fucked up lyk I neevr been that smashed before..especially last nite I was throwin up n passin out n shit. Haha there's so much drama...iight thur, fri, n sat I was gettin wit dis kid Bandora..then Sat n he was bein an asshole so everyone was lyk..get wit justin, bandora hates u...so i got wit him n Bandora was pissed...they were gawna fite lol...so Bandora didn't come out Sun n I got really messed up last nite so I got wit Goodie...awww I'm so happy i love him, he's so funny!! Imma get wit him from now on..screw Bandora nobody lyks him lol. Aww Mish was gettin wit dis kid all weekend, sam. She lyk hates him..but hes so hot. Ew but hes kinda mean n he's a pothead..lol. Laura was gettin wit this kid Alex..aww they're so cute together. Next weekend is gawna be awesum..my brother is buyin us a 24 pack n Mish's mom is gawna be in FL for the weekend so we're gawna party..Tine, Jackie, n Cate r commin..n I wanna see if Liz can too...im out pC


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[18 Apr 2003|01:52pm]
[ mood | excited ]

heyy,,dis has been lyk the first time ive been home in lyk 2 days...

Liz came over n we were gawna chill wit Seth n Matt but we culdn't find them lol I think they got lost lookin for us...so we went up to Checkers to see if any kids were there n Mish, Cate, n Tine were..lol it was beat cuz all them kids already left..so we went back to Mishs and eventually me n Liz walked back home n she slept over

Liz chilled at my house before she left at lyk 3..then I took a nap n woke up at lyk 7 n walked to laurs house, then me her n Mish went to Checkers to meet up wit them kids...they had lyk all dis beer hidden at Naz hospital lmao...Laur culdnt have any cuz she had to watch her sis the next mornin..awww i felt bad..but I got a lil buzzed n Mish got so fuckin smashed...she was fallen n bein all retarted n shit..lol i wanted to slap her..omg i feel so bad...I got wit dis kid chris, n lyk Mish told me after dat Laurreally wanted to get wit him..omg im srry babe..lol she prbly hates me now..n Mish got wit dis kid sam..awww he was lyk takin care of her all night n she got wit him lyk 50 times..lol guess i aint bad luck nemore..omg one time me n him were tryint o help her walk n shes lyk..sam get wit me n she deff tried to get wit me..i dun look lyk a fuckin guy lol..omg but her mom caught us n she got so mad...she was lyk nicole..get yur mom to pick u up rite now..so i ran to Laurs house but all the lights were off..so I went bak to Mishs n she snuck me in her room n her n her mom were fitin..lol her mom was scarin me. So I slept over..n suposedly shes grounded for the rest of the week..lol but i know she'll be allowed out tonite..so at lyk 3 in the mornin she wakes me up n is lyk i cant sleep..so we ate melons n pretzels n watched mtv until lyk 5 lol..

We snuck out to Laurs n ate breakfast there b/c Mish has nasty food lol...then we chilled there for a bit..aaah those kids are gawna be there tonite..awww I want Laur to come but she hasta stay in n watch her sis...but i dunno maybe shell be allowed out..theyre bringin lyk fifty 40's..aaah im gawna get smashed!! can't wait lol

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[15 Apr 2003|10:38pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

heyy...I jus got done straightenin my hair...today was fun. Skool was gay,,as usual...ughh i had 4 fuckin tests...I think I did really good on 2, and okay on the others...neway...I went ova Laur's house n we were chillen waitin for Mish to come over so we culd go to Roosevelt. We went wit Seth n Matt n hung out for a couple of hours (lol thats all i ever do), then went bak to Seth's house n played bball..lol awww I think Mish shuld go out wit Matt...they are sooo cute. Ughh I kinda got pissed at her b/c me n Laur were gawna hook up wit these 2 kids..Mike n Harvey..at the mall...omg theyre both so fuckin hot..but then mish found out n got pissed so she told them not to go..fucker..oh well, maybe sum other time hah :x

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[14 Apr 2003|11:07pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hollaaaaa...srry i haven't had time to update in a few days...


Ughh I thought the SIx Flags trip got canceled...so i didn't do anything...but it wasn't n im pissed. So I made it a movie day. I found out lata that Mish n Laur met all these hot kids at sum drinkin party..lil fuckers lol..Mish sed she was callin me all nite but I wasn't answerin..ughhh sux 4 me

Me, Mish, n Laur went to Roosevelt to shop...n then went to McDonalds to chill w/ Matt, Seth, n dis random kid Carlos...but Seth n carlos had to go bak workin at the nursin homw lol so we hung out wit Matt for awhile...aww he's so cute. Then I had tennis, n it was the last one..yay

Skool...gayness. But besides that the cheerin squad went to Bennigans for lyk an end of seasom thing...aww we gave the seniors presents n took pics n stuff...it was cute..n the food was yummy...leave me sum love <33

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[12 Apr 2003|10:31am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

yeooo I jus got bak from da movies...lol we saw The House of a Thousand Corpses..it was soo fkkn gay haha Mish was scured...awww I feel bad she was suposed to get wit lil matty tonite but she didnt..aw. Haha maybe next time...Seth n Laur went too n after da movie we went to Seth's house n chilled in his car cuz we were cold lol n Mish had a shit stain on her pants lol from the crunch bar..haha we were makin fun of her so baddd. Im tired..i think im goin to bed...pC

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[09 Apr 2003|03:30pm]
[ mood | weird ]

I got my report card today...

Keyboarding - A
Honors English II - B...damn research papers grrr...or else I would've gotten an A
Journalism - A
Creative Writing - A
Latin II - B+
Honors Geometry - B+
Religion II - A
Honors Biology - A...holy fuck i never expected that lol
CUM GPA - 3.842

So..yeh I did better than I expected..haha I got home early b/c since I didn't go to skool yesterday my bitchy Math teacher decided to give us a test today...I went to her n was lyk I was absent n didn't know about the test..n shes lyk that's not my problem, I told you last week...umm yea she deff didn't..fuckin bitch. I knew I was gonna fail if I took it so I faked cryin n sed I felt lyk throwin up...lol so I went home 'sick'..at least dats the only hw i got tonite...leave me sum comments!!

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[09 Apr 2003|09:53am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

HoLLeR...aaah omg I got my hair cut and highlighted today...at first I really liked it, but now I think it kinda looks bad lol...its lyk right at my chin. Mish got hers cut too n awww it looks so cute even tho she dun lyk it lol

I am linus

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[08 Apr 2003|10:42am]
[ mood | blah ]

yeo0o dis weekend was beat as shit ughhh...iight Friday me, Mish, Laur, Ash, n her frend Steph took the bus up to Franklin Mills cuz we were gawna meet up with Irv n his friends...we get there at lyk 9:15 see dat Irv is with other girls, then gotta get the bus home b/c the mall closes at 9:30...it fukkin sukked...n sum chick was yellin at me..i was lyk o? ok...we spent more time on the fukkin bus than at the mall...so then we went bak to Mish's n chilled there a bit n me n Laur slept ova

Umm...gayness. I thought we were gawna go up to Roosevelt to chill wit Matt n Seth...but Laur didn't want to go b/c it was too cold lol n wanted me to go to Nesham wit her n cate but I really didn't want to...so I stayed in and watched Jackass..lmao Mish the sand vagina

tennis...lol enuff sed..but i showed Liz my belly hehe

We got out early today b/c of snow...damnnn wen does it ever snow on april 8?? But neway...i got home at lyk 2 n slept until 6...then Mish came over b/c she wanted to scan some pics...wow i actually look good for once...but my scanner didn't work so we jus chilled for lyk 2 hrs...lol she took my scanner home wit her n now is tryin to get me to help her...

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[01 Apr 2003|07:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

aaaah I survived...i got my belly pierced!! yayayay!! I made Laur come wit me lol cuz I was scared...it wasn't that bad...lyk the needle didn't hurt goin in, but wen she pulled it out, jesus christ it hurt lyk a bitch..lol Laur was makin weird faces at me n makin me laugh n the girl lyk yelled at me to stay still. Aww Laur bought a real cute belly ring...its lyk a mini orange and yellow koosh ball. Too bad she can't put it in for lyk 2 months hah. Then today my school had a bomb threat omg it was the funniest thing...who the fuck wuld wanna blow up an all girls private academy??? We only have lyk 400 girls in the school altogether too...n people actually thought there was a bomb...ok who wuld call up n say there's a bomb if they really wanted it to blow up?? lol dumbasses. We had to wait in the cold for lyk 40 min..which was fine with me cuz i got to miss geometry heh.

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[30 Mar 2003|10:53pm]
[ mood | scared ]

omg i hate laura...aaaah she got her bellybutton pierced today!! she made me go with her cuz shes a loser lol...her mom was goin upp to all the people in teh store n was lyk IM THE MOTHER...i was lyk wtf?? n she brought her own needles cuz she thought the other ones were used lol dumbass...wen laur was gettin it done she was laughin hysterically wen there was lyk a needle jammed in her bellybutton lol n she got a real cute thing too...its silver wit lyk a diamond in the ball part..aaah im gettin mine tom!! i can't wait haha its gawna hurt lyk a bitch but who cares its gawna be awesum n lauras gawna come wit me lol

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[30 Mar 2003|01:15am]
[ mood | hyper ]

Today i had my competition...omg I had to fuckin get up at 7...jesus christ...n it didnt veen start till lyk 12...i was sooo mad. We had registration at lyk 9 so we sat there for 3 hours doing nothing..aww but we saw JV n they were really go0d!! Aww Baz won 3rd in dance...go0o0o girls!! Then varsity's comp was lyk 5 hours long..seriously lol. We didn't get anything in all-around...which i expected cuz we suck at that lol. We got 3rd in dance...which was really go0d cuz we competed against 10 teams. We should have gotten the spirit award, but gay ass Villa did b/c they hosted the damn comp...ughhh gayness. I got home at lyk 6 then fell asleep until 11 bc Seth called me lol I was so mad...now I'm gawna be up all nite ughhh oh well lol i get to sleep in tom...yesssss

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[29 Mar 2003|12:05am]
[ mood | tired ]

Tonight was arite...i went to franklin mills wit Laur n Liz...we saw Head of State which was really funny..lol we wer laughin at the gayest parts too. There were these black kids tryin to hit on Laur n it was really funny...she's lyk im sick, i can't really talk, n the kid started feelin her throat lmao so she made me switch seats wit her. Then later we saw Devin wit all these kids...I jus got off the fone w/ Seth, he wouldn't let me get off...I was lyk I hafta go to bed, n he's lyk no you dont...it took me lyk 20 min to get off lol....I gotta shave my legs before I got to bed for the stupid cheer competition tom...ughhh so Im gawna do that now..mwaz

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